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CCW Classes

Competent Instruction of CCW Classes

Competent Instruction All of our instructors are NRA certified instructors in multiple disciplines to ensure competent instruction. You can also be sure we know about firearms. We have factory certified Armorers for Sig Sauer, Colt, Glock, Springfield Armory and Smith and Wesson available to...

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CCW Training Classes

Get your AZ CCW Permit with Concealed AZ

About Concealed Az What is so great about Concealed Az?  Concealed Az provides NRA, Arizona Concealed Carry, group and individual firearms training classes as well as promotional, corporate, TV & media machine gun events since 2008.  We have the ability to provide concealed carry...

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Vast Array of Shooting Experiences

Featured image of article: Vast Array of Shooting Experiences

We are part of the firearms retail and shooting community. We are flexible enough to provide a vast array of shooting experiences. From the most basic of new shooters at a Scouting event, up to advanced courses in firearms. Including corporate and tourist events...

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Featured image of article: 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

WE ARE THE BEST IN TOWN And to prove that we are the best in town. We offer a 100% refund for the price of any class you attend if you are not satisfied

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I took the CCW course on Sunday, Jan. 20th. Our instructor, Roger, was very informative and went over all aspects of guns, gun safety and gun laws. He made the class fly by, before you knew it we were done and I learned a lot.

- Karen H.
Took the CCW class over the weekend, very informative. Helpful to all ages and degrees of familiarity and comfort with firearms.
- Brad L.

They do a great job of teaching, great scenarios to really make you think! They had no problem “dumbing it down” to teach us slow learners. I have recommended them

- Ambie P.

The guy who did the concealed carry class was a really good instructor. I would definitely recommend him.

- Brian C.
The instructor was very engaging, kept you interested and wanting to learn. I felt I learned a lot from the class and will continue to do business wiyh them. He did not nake a begginer feel like yay couldn’t ask any question, whether they felt it was stupid or not, made everyone feel at ease
- Sherri M.

Roger was a great instructor. Covered a lot of the legal/moral responsibilities of owning a gun as well as the mechanics of it.

- Nicole

The class was informative and helpful. The instructor Roger helped keep the class fun while still providing all of the legal details necessary to better understand AZ law.

- Lesa S.

Very impressed that Roger admitted he wasn’t sure about an answer instead of giving a half-baked answer. He covered a lot of information without making it a long boring day. I appreciated that he addressed not only the legal aspects of shooting your firearm, but also the moral or personal impact that can result from using your firearm even if justified.

- John B.
Great CCW class given by Roger. Informative, entertaining and kept your attention.
- Penny P.
Our instructor of CCW course, Roger, was knowledgeable and entertaining. We learned quite a bit about Arizona state laws concerning guns. We also were shown different types of weapons and self defense tools. Very good class for anyone concerned with personal safety.
- Zander V.

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